Chase purchased his first investment property when he was just 17 after seeing an ad in the paper that said "paint for the down payment". By the age of 19, he owned over 600 houses and apartments units in the Houston area. Having gone through several real estate cycles he has experienced over expansion and contraction and knows when to acquire - and when to sell. After years of leasing single family homes and ownership of large apartment properties, he has focused the last 10 years on the acquisition of seriously distressed single family homes and apartment properties. Turning management on the apartment properties over to 3 party management and selling single family homes on owner financed notes and using 3rd party mortgage servicing to manage the mortgages - focusing the company's efforts on acquisition and finance.

Hilton Head Properties, Inc. is the parent company to his real estate operations, which was formed in 1999 and not fully put into operation until early 2004. The company is expecting 2010 and 2011 to be considerable growth periods for Hilton Head as they proceed to raise capital and begin taking opportunities available from the very distressed climate that currently exist.

  •                                        "The current real estate climate is primed for opportunity - banks are announcing
  •                                        that they will go through the largest number of foreclosures in the history of the
  •                                        US in such a short period of time, through the end of 2010. This sets up one of
  •                                        the best times to invest since at least the early 1990's - the era of the Resolution
  •                                        Trust Corp when over $460 Billion in assets were sold off at hugh discounts..."
  •                                                                                                                                                             - 'Chase' D. Fonteno

Chase is considered an expert Real Estate Investor and has spoken and trained others for years at many venues, including the Trump Real Estate Weath Expo's, National Real Estate Investor Group and various other local investment clubs on investing in distressed single and multi-family properties. His new program " The Real Estate Catburglar is a training program he is developing with a new book coming out titled "The Real Estate Catburglar - How to steal real estate and everyone still love you" and over 30 video series, of which are a few are already out and more on the way. The program is focused on very distressed properties that are either abandon or a blight on society - how to located the properties, the owners, negotiate cheap deals, finance the acquisition and eventual sale and how to properly handle the properties for both profit and the benefit of the local community.

In addition, Chase has developed several websites to assist real estate investors, rehabbers, note buyers and enthusiast - including:, and


Research & Acquisition

Over 20 years of experience in real estate research and acquisitions on both Single Family and Multi - Family properties nationwide.

Offering experienced assistance in Research and Acquisition for single-family and multi-family projects from Class A to Seriously Distressed types of properties.


Finance & Management

Finance are Management are two of the primary keys of any succesfull real estate project.

With decades of experience, Chase and his team can assist in getting a quick response with solid partners in both of these areas.


Consultation & Negotiation

It is said that most real estate profits are not earned on the sale - but in the negotiation of the acquisition. Buying right - will usually lock in future profits. The Right Negotiator is a key to that effort.

Chase and his associates are master negotiators in real estate and analyze every angle seeking the best deal.