Chase D Fonteno, a Real Estate Investing Expert, Internet Venture Capatilist & consummate Speaker & Lecturer on Real Estate Wealth and Internet Investing, has build over 60 companies since he was 15 years old. Currently the President & CEO of Minsk Finance,LLC and WebIdeas Partners, LLC, based in Los Angeles, California He also works tirelessly in his personal goal of sharing his knowledge to help others get ahead in life. He believes in giving back to society because he had others that helped him also succeedd.

Having invested for many years in Real Estate, Stock Market and Internet Projects and being a Successful Invemtment Banker with Merrill Lynch and owning a Stock Broker Investment Company for several years, Chase has been through all the up and down Cycles of investing and learning the hard way, going broke a few times early in life and gaining it back again - hoping to help others not have to go through those cycles. Investing in his first Real Estate investment at 17, buying a run-down house in South Houston on an advertisement to "Paint for the Down Payment", fixing it up and renting it out within a week and then selling it for a $20,000 profit on a $1,000 investment - he never looked back.

With years of experience now, he tries to help others succeed without as many problems he has starting out..

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Dallas, TX - 298th District Court today found Michael R. Davis GUILTY of Defamation, Disparagment, Tortious Business Interference & more. Plaintiff Hilton Head Properties was awarded damages of $4,137,000 and Plaintiff Chase D. Fonteno was awarded $3,804,500.

Michael R. Davis Suits


Dallas, TX - 101st District Court today found Michael R. Davis GUILTY of Fraud, Embezzlement & Theft. Plaintiffs Hilton Head Properties and other parties were awarded $190,602 in damages.

Michael R. Davis Fraud Suit

05/15/2010 - title

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iBidEarth.com being revised and re-released - anticipated release date: 10/10/10

Chase D. Fonteno - furthers his video series with Investing in Distressed Apartments - The Real Estate Catburglar

Hilton Head Finance pursuing outside sourcing its mortgage management - currently reviewing 3rd party mortgage service companies.

Chase D. Fonteno begins video series on Investing In Low Income Single Family Properties - The Real Estate Catburglar

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