'Chase' D. Fonteno, born in Houston, TX and currently living in Dallas, TX was raised by his politician father to respect others and work hard & smart. Watching his father do three large real estate deals got him hooked. Chase did his first Real Estate investment in Houston when he was just 17 (without his father's knowledge or help) and by the time he was 19, the Houston Post wrote an article on him as a self-made multi-millionaire teenager. Primarily investing in low income single and multi-family properties, stayed focused on low-income properties until he was about 22, when he started his own oil company (Fonteno Oil Company) and later after working for Merrill Lynch he started his own stock brokerage firm, later selling both and going back to Real Estate. Mr Fonteno has taken two companies public on the stock market by reverse-mergers and in 1999, he formed WebIdeas Partners and Hilton Head Properties - focusing his efforts since then on investments in Real Estate and the Internet.

  • "Real Estate is the single greatest investment on earth...
  • ... it provides every man, woman and child an opportunity to not
  • only own a piece of God's creation, but to possess an asset that the
  • whole world recognizes its value. And combined has more total value
  • than any other investment on earth!
  • - 'Chase' D. Fonteno

After attending both the University of Houston and the University of Texas - Austin, thereafter he moved to Los Angeles for a short period and then to Dallas where he worked for Merrill Lynch and then began investing heavily in real estate - expanding to a number of cities. Chase's has sat on a number of company's Board of Directors and has formed a number of companies himself as well as holding various titles of committee head, member, director and president of a number of charitable organizations, including: The Phoenix Foundation, The Koala Organization, Muscular Dystrophy, Cystic Fibrosis, the Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas Heart Ball, and many others...