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slander websites

A Slander Website is one in which 'anyone' can post 'anything' with the sole intent to harm an individual or company... whether the facts are true or not. Fortunately the vast majority of these sites allows the person 'posting' the statement to remove it. Particularly if it is not true and/or they are sued and a court requires it to be taken down. There are a number of slander sites on the internet - most of which have the sole profit center of driving curious traffic and some very upset parties that had something written about them. They usually make their money from the side advertising, however there are a few that have a different business model as discussed below. I have even personally been (and still up for eternity) the subject of slander on the web - which I sued over and won - against a single former employee (Michael Ray Davis) which embezzled from two of the companies, then used th internet to make false statements as if from MANY former employees and customers.

How do you win? It is not easy. In fact - in some cases, you never will. Be cautions of rogue type employees that have access to bank info and passwords - they can do more damage than you can imagine. The rogue employees we had - hacked bank accounts, web accounts, posted fake news releases, retitled real news releases to be something they were not, built websites with all this false information (of which some is still out there and will never go away) and even contacted a news channel and the District Attorney's office making false accusations - all of which took many months to settle. And we still have issues to deal with. The slander websites are easy for an individual to use - but the poster usually do not know the financial and possible criminal burden they will receive by using such sites.



No - that is 'not' how that website is spelled, but spelling it correctly only drives more traffic to their site. (I will explain in a moment). That site is at the top of the criminal food chain of slander sites. The owner 'Ed" is a convicted felon that started this website on a very noble original premise - help the small guy. What he did not tell anyone was - that he intended to turn it into a 'mafia style' site, where he convinced everyone that it was like the Better Business Bureau and you can post on there for free any gripe you have. He failed to tell you (or does not well advise you) that he will NOT let you EVER remove it from his website. EVER. So if you - in the heat of the moment, write something you wish you had not - you are screwed. You 'can' get it 'kind of' removed and so can the individual or company you are complaining about - by paying a SUBSTANTIAL fee. He hides behind a little known Federal law related to the internet that allows him to do what he does. And he is a "master" of SEO (the thing that makes a website come up FIRST on a google search. [wouldn't you be too if your goal was to piss off either the poster or the postee into getting them to pay $10,000 to $100,000 to remove or alter info on your website?]

Reminds me of stories I heard about the Mafia in the early days, a brick in one hand like they are about to throw it into your expensive plate-glass window, and asking 'wanna buy some insurance from me?...'

I am told that the former employee that posted so much false information on the internet on myself and Hilton Head Properties, is probably headed back to jail for the embezzlement part of his actions. And will be paying our legal fees for many years to come.

That website (and a few copycats like it now) are bad for both the posters (customers, former employees, etc.) and the postee's (individuals and companies) - as the site itself 'encourges' you to say really bad things - worse than you would personally say about that company or person - to 'motivate' them to act. Problem is - the site 'motivates' the poster to write things in the heat of the moment that are 'many times' not the entire truth or very one sided - and you can never take it back. And rather than the company being 'motivated' to work with you - they sue, because they KNOW that site never removes postings without extortion payments. The company sues - to have a 'public record' that the posting is false. That is the 'only' way the company can win against that site and the person posting on it. The person posting should use more 'legitimate' sites like the Better Business Bureau The Better Business Bureau

There is an entire industry that has grown up now as 'anti-rip0ffr3p0rt' SEO companies, to help you get 'other things on you, up to the first page of google to get rid of false postings from that site from showing up on the first few pages. It is a sad thing that one man has built an industry that prevents individuals and companies from working out their issues by putting an extortion variable into the issue that can never go away.


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“Vestibulum sed ante. Donec sagittis euismod purus. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Praesent vestibulum molestie lacus...”
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